January 2023 Mosdex Updates – Crypto Arbitrage Platform Announces Various Developments To Fuel Growth

LONDON, UK, Jan. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mosdex has been working hard to release multiple improvements to help users generate greater profits on this crypto arbitrage platform. This month’s updates involve server expansion and network upgrades, cryptocurrency support, and additional drivers. These updates will work as a 360-development tool for the platform by improving user onboarding and engagement and higher profits. MOSDEX plans to capture a significant market share in 2023, fueled by the developments below.

  • Server expansion– Mosdex is working daily on server expansion to onboard new users, ultimately fulfilling the high demand on the Mosdex platform.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support and infrastructure– Mosdex helps users generate a steady passive income by improving infrastructure along with multiple cryptocurrency support.
  • ERC-20 support– Mosdex is working on enhancing its existing ERc-20 Tether support for user accessibility and diversity.
  • Reward programs– Mosdex will continue expanding interest in arbitrage trading among traders with referral programs and reward campaigns.
  • Cross-exchange arbitrage support– Mosdex has completed the integration of cross-exchange arbitrage, and it will now launch active support.
  • Swap protocol integration– Mosdex aims to help users make profits through their swap-integrated platform.

Mosdex will expand its offering by supporting more stablecoins and cryptocurrencies to onboard more users

Our cryptocurrency arbitrage platform is constantly looking for different ways to expand our roster for supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. We also plan on adding multiple stablecoins. Mosdex engineers are working on adding some additional currency support. We are also working on enhancing our infrastructure to support these additional coins.

Improvements to ERC-20 Tether support will improve the user base on the Mosdex platform

As you all know, Mosdex has already introduced ERc-20 Tether support since November. Regular improvements are made to the platform to ensure greater efficiency. Users can send, receive, deposit, and withdraw USDT through the network of their choice. It includes both Ethereum and Omni networks. Our engineers are working to upgrade the Ethereum network integration to offer benefits to users like:

· Low transaction fees

· Faster transactions at lightning speeds

Mosdex aims to enhance accessibility and diversity through its Erc-20 support. If you are looking for ways to withdraw or deposit your USDT through the network of your choice, read more here.

Server expansion and network upgrade from Mosdex to cater to the increasing demand on the arbitrage platform

Similar to our server expansion in December 2022, the increasing user base for Mosdex calls for server upgrades. Our team is constantly working to improve the platform and upgrade the same to meet the ever-increasing user base, ensuring maximum efficiency on the Mosdex platform. We have expanded the services and upgraded the network. We guarantee all customers and staking assets are safe despite the network updates. Our social media channels also regularly update customers about these processes. This mega update in January will continue as our customer base expands in the following months, ensuring improved user onboarding. Read about our December network upgrade and server expansion here.

The Mosdex Bounty Program will encourage the user to experience arbitrage staking on Mosdex and win prizes

We are always trying to educate and encourage users to try arbitrage staking. Just like our referral programs that allow new users to experience our platform along with winning rewards, the Mosdex Bounty Program will offer users a chance to win 200,000$ by simply sharing their knowledge about arbitrage staking on the Mosdex platform. The campaign is still open for all users and offers instant rewards post-campaign results. The campaign will run until the 100 percent depletion of 200,000 USDT. Read more about the Mosdex Bounty campaign or participate by clicking here.

Mosdex launches active support for Cross Exchange Arbitrage ensuring higher user engagement

Cross-exchange arbitrage works similarly to traditional arbitrage, where a user buys a certain asset on one exchange and sells it on another, capitalizing on the difference between pricing. The differentiator, however, is Mosdex utilizing a highly advanced. AI engine that detects price differences among various exchanges and performs the trade within milli-seconds, eliminating the risk of volatility and price variation. 

In Mosdex, this is the basic form of arbitrage trading- a trader tries to generate profit by buying a certain token or cryptocurrency on one exchange and selling it on another exchange.

With cross-exchange arbitrage enabled, Mosdex ensures that even small-scale users get the most profitable arbitrage opportunity, which traditionally was available to high-net-worth individuals or professional individuals within the stock market. A user will no longer require complex paperwork, technical setups, legal complications, and financial regulations. All they have to do is place their Stake within the Mosdex platform and it will start the arbitrage.

SWAP protocol integration will lower trading and transaction fees

Mosdex has recently integrated its SWAP protocol that utilizes an atomic swapping mechanism for cryptocurrency conversion. If you want to arbitrage or stake with USDT but have BTC in your wallet, you do not have to transfer your funds to any third-party exchange. Mosdex’s swap-integrated platform will allow users to save on transaction and trading fees on these third-party exchanges with the Swap feature and convert BTC to USDT at the best rates.

Additional Bonus Update

In addition to these major updates happening in January, Mosdex also has more interesting things in the pipeline for the coming months. We also have a bonus update for you. As usual, our engineers will work towards enhancing security and ensuring data protection. Mosdex’s marketing manager Aaron Covey has already stated that “Mosdex follows all the industry best practices for IT security checks, data protection, access rights, and data encryption. Our highly experienced team together ensures to perform periodic internal tests and external audits, constantly raising the bar for security standards so that users can sleep well.”

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