Key things to know about Om and Swastika for spreading good fortune

India’s culture can be best described as multilayered, imbued with rituals, traditions and symbols that lead to luck and abundance. Two of these symbols—Om (or Aum) and Swastika—are known, even outside the country, for being auspicious and essential in one’s pursuit of not just good fortune but overall wellbeing too.

Om is sound of universe, Swastika symbolizes prosperity

The Om symbol is fundamental for Hinduism as it is essentially defined by the Hindu scripture as the primordial sound of creation, the original vibration of the universe from where all other vibrations are able to manifest. It represents enlightenment as well as unification or collective consciousness, encompassing all of creation with energy that can be attained by anyone who seeks it.

If Om signifies the sound of the universe, the Swastika is right facing and is “conducive to wellbeing,” representing prosperity, good luck and the sun. It is widely regarded as a holy symbol by both Hindus and Buddhists and is even used as household decorations to signal good fortune and peace during Diwali. Its left-facing version, the Sauwastika, symbolizes the night, demon-Goddess of time Kali, darkness, and death.

Both Om and the Swastika stand for general auspiciousness and hold importance for spreading good fortune. ENV Media, a media company engaged in lead generation and performance marketing within the iGaming industry, has published a report delving into the “luck and abundance in Indian culture.” The comprehensive report focuses on traditions and rituals that may bring luck, although it’s worth noting that such rituals may not have an immediate application in online gaming, especially for first-time players of online casinos (not discounting beginner’s luck!).

As the ENV report noted, the rituals and symbols “reveal what interests, influences, and moves the average desi user when pursuing a lucky streak or hoping for a fortunate turn.”

Om and Swastika for luck and abundance

The Swastika is one of the oldest of the most popular talismans known, representing the overall distinctive spirit of Hindu culture. Om is also used as an amulet, a lucky charm, or a pendant that brings good luck and fortune to its holder. More than that, Om is used to raise one’s overall state.

Scientist Nikola Tesla once said that to find the secrets of the universe, one must “think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” In the case of Om, aka the very first sound of the universe, this is where everything starts, where all vibrations may be manifested.

Om can be seen as a way to bring one’s mind, body and spirit together—by helping center those three areas and elevate consciousness while also deepening one’s focus and building compassion.

According to the ENV Media report, “Chanting mantras is generally considered auspicious and helpful whether in a temple, at home, or before an important event. Almost a must for those looking for wealth, luck, and prosperity, mantras are directed to the respective deities.” Or to the universe in its entirety, as in the case of Om.

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