Kundra had an Operation B, after being caught in the racket

Business man Raj Kundra was caught running an adult film racket and in this case he was taken into custody by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch.

The crime branch official during the investigation stated that Kundra had allegedly changed his mobile phone in order to delete the content and so that nobody could get access to the whatsapp chats and call recordings.

The crime branch reportedly asked the actress’s husband for the old mobile phone to get access to the details but there was no sign of it. In an exclusive update, sources in the crime branch said the old phone was vital to the investigation. Now, as the old phone is not available, they will not be able to access data such as chats and calls from the time period when the pornography racket was operating.

According to the Crime Branch reports Kundra had a operation B where the smart business man has started creating new content for a new app and the name of the app had been suggested too and this had been done just to be in profit. The police said that all the data had been deleted and even on raiding the mansion they found that alot of data had been deleted. Now the crime branch is taking the help of the digital forensic experts to retrieve the lost data.