Life Extension Incorporates Novel Technology in a Supplement to Make Anti-Aging Plant Compound More Bioavailable

Supplementing with fisetin has many health benefits, but it has been hard to absorb—until now, according to a new clinical study

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fisetin is a plant compound found in different fruits and vegetables that confers protective effects on heart and brain cells and supports a healthy inflammatory response, according to preclinical studies. It’s also a popular longevity nutrient. Unfortunately, because fisetin is metabolized quickly when ingested, fisetin supplements have offered limited bioavailability—until now.

A recent clinical study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, has found that a novel green technology, Hybrid-FENUMAT™, can be used to protect fisetin from the digestive enzymes that otherwise inhibit this compound from being absorbed by the body. The result? With the new technology, fisetin is up to 23 times more bioavailable.

Scientists at the supplement brand Life Extension co-authored the study together with researchers at Akay Natural Ingredients of India, the creator of the Hybrid-FENUMAT™ technology.

With Hybrid-FENUMAT™, fisetin was encapsulated into supplement form within a special galactomannan hydrogel scaffold derived from fenugreek seeds, protecting it during digestion, Life Extension Research Scientist Asha Jaja-Chimedza, Ph.D. explained. The galactomannan “hydrogel trap” allows better absorption of fisetin in the body. It also allows fisetin to circulate in the body longer, improving its bioavailability.

As Life Extension Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Andrew G. Swick noted, fisetin lacks bioavailability because it has poor water solubility, which means it can’t access the bloodstream and get to where it’s needed in the body. The new formulation unlocks fisetin’s potential health benefits by improving oral bioavailability, helping the body make the most out of the health-promoting nutrient. “This is an example of how we leverage innovative technologies to create scientifically advanced products,” noted Dr. Swick.

According to Dr. Jaja-Chimedza, this is the first published pharmacokinetic clinical study with fisetin that showed both its low bioavailability in humans (as it’s seen in preclinical studies) and the improved bioavailability of combining fisetin with a fenugreek galactomannan dietary fiber coating.

Scientists at Life Extension Inc. and Akay Natural Ingredients are seeing additional potential uses for the FENUMAT technology, which protects the delivery of phytonutrients and micronutrients beyond just fisetin. “Our fenugreek galactomannan complex (FENUMAT™) possesses optimized physical and chemical characteristics that improve the oral absorption of nutrients by encapsulating them within a soft-hydrogel-like entrapment,” said Dr. Krishna Kumar, Akay Natural Ingredients’ Chief Research Officer. “Once encapsulated, the nutrients are more available to the body. It’s similar to how plant cells work, making this formulation a nature mimetic approach.”

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