Mahika Sharma wants to tie rakhis to the Talibanis

Actress Mahika Sharma felt emotional over how the Taliban are torturing the Afghanistani women. The actress took to her official twitter handle by offering a solution for the Afghanistan crisis.
The actress shares her wish of tying rachis to all men of Afghanistan so that they learn to respect the women of their place.

The actress wrote,”The Taliban never received the love of their mothers or sisters, that is why they have become criminals. They cannot be exchanged for punishments or war. I will tie them up as ‘rakhi’ and become their sister. Teach them to respect. women. I think this way I can save the Afghan people from the Taliban.”

The actress also added with mixed reaction, “I have learned that love can change anyone and lead them to the right path. In our history, many stories have taught us how it changed. love”. even dacoits and turned them into good men. I am concerned about Afghan women and I want to speak out for them, their democracy. Everyone should unite for the Afghan people and save them from the Taliban rule.”

Reacting to her posts the netizens have written, “They will kill you,” where other sowing a positive attitude wrote, “To come up with such an idea takes power. India will love you, sister.”

The actress appeared in various television series such as FIR and Ramayan: Sabke Jeevan Ka Aadhar and in Bollywood movie Mr Joe B. Carvalho. The 27 year old actress won a beauty pageant, becoming the Miss Teen Northeast.