Media-Personality Mitesh Dubey Completes Mumbai To Delhi Marathon Victoriously, Even After Fitness Companies Deny Sponsorships

Mitesh Dubey Completes Mumbai To Delhi Marathon Victoriously, Even After Fitness Companies Deny Sponsorships

India and its citizens are in mutating times and like the rest of the world population, is on the brink of an evolution. An evolution that involves the mind, body and soul. The metamorphosis that happened in individuals and their mindsets while being locked up in their houses is immense and the results are ubiquitous.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that they have suddenly woken up from a daze, a daze that had almost machined them to work, behave and react in a certain manner. Matters have become volatile than ever before and I hope, it continues to remain this way.

Many have achieved great feats post the gradual opening up of our pandemic-ridden country, most of which have been talked about, have been advertised and showcased a zillion time.

And yet, there are some who continue to accomplish greater feats but unfortunately remain in a shroud.

Now, why does this happen? You may ask. Well, you see the media machinery is governed by the number of eyeballs a story can grab which again is directly proportional to the amount of “Masala” in it. If it has to do with a superstar, it’s great, if it has to do with a superstar’s son, even greater! The more the consumers the merrier it is for all and sundry!

In a much lesser known albeit enormous feat concluded recently, a Mumbai based 26-year-old Mitesh Dubey completed a record-breaking endurance-run from Mumbai to Delhi.

Yes, you read that right!


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In this scorching heat, Mitesh made it a point to run across the states to reaffirm the country’s belief in fitness!

Unfortunately, his endeavors went completely unnoticed; as even when he began, his quest for bringing sponsors on-board for the marathon (that was then on cards) was crushed as brands just minced words of assurance without shelling out anything concrete! Some of these are, “Red Bull, Bisleri, Amazon, Fast and up, Muscle blaze, Step Set Go, Paytm, Himalaya personal care, Colgate, One8 select so on and so forth. All of the brands look for a familiar face, a known face and that is the predicament! I ask, why can’t it be a normal citizen? Someone who is trying to make a difference? Why wouldn’t they come forward to help in order to augment something good and progressive as a mark of encouragement to the maverick?

At a time when a section of today’s youth is meandering towards drugs, debauchery and an unhealthy lifestyle, don’t these brands have a social responsibility to take a stand for a change that they aggressively represent in the popular media?

Mitesh started his run on the 20th October, 2021, from Powai (a Mumbai suburb) at 5:30 AM, a run that would test his grit and determination to the hilt. A run that was about to make him perplexed, confused and wavering throughout. The apprehension of completing the enormous test of endurance was much bigger than we can even begin to imagine (sitting in the comfort of our AC cabins) but notwithstanding the self-doubt and hitches strewn in his path, Mitesh finished the 1318 Km sprint all by himself on 12th November 2021, and he deserves applauses for it.

It was during an interaction with Mitesh post his arrival in the capital city of India that he revealed that he wishes to inculcate the idea of fitness in the citizens of the country, “If I could convey 10 people the message of being fit and see them moving towards their fitness journey, through my run, I would be the happiest and feel successful in the real sense of the word.”

We at IndiaChron wish Mitesh Dubey hearty congratulations on his accomplishment of this humongous victory and hope he continues to inspire us all in the coming future!


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