Numbers Mainnet: Ushering in a New Era of Digital Media Trust

Taipei, Taiwan, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Numbers Mainnet launch is the start of a new era of traceable and verifiable digital media that can revolutionize digital media on the web.


  • Numbers Mainnet is the archive and library of committed media history of Web3 assets.
  • It provides the cost-effective and environmental friendly option to commit the full history of Web3 assets
  • It will be the default blockchain of ecosystem applications built with Numbers Protocol
  • Numbers Mainnet is built with Avalanche Subnet technology
  • Ecosystem partnerships with industry leaders such as Avalanche and Filecoin as well as partnerships with Stanford Starling Project and CreatorDAO

Following a successful community campaign of Numbers Testnet, we are excited to announce that Numbers Mainnet is now LIVE! Numbers Testnet launched on Nov. 11, 2022 enables Numbers Protocol to operate past its previous constraints and fully realize its vision of creating trustworthy media on the web.

Much effort has been made behind the scenes to ensure Numbers Mainnet launch can hit the ground running. Here are a few community highlights:

  • A total three phases are hosted for the community to experience the future journey of Web3 assets
  • Over 10,000 testers participating in Numbers Testnet
  • The Official Blockchain of Capture APP, the first Web3.0 camera and photo application with over 100,000 assets created

A New Chapter for Numbers Protocol

With billions of images and videos uploaded to the internet everyday and an increasing number of individuals making their living off of content creation, it has become increasingly important to know information such as who the creator is, what is the license, who owns the license and whether or not what you are seeing is authentic or fake. 

Seeing the full picture of digital media allows us to give credit where credit is due and also empowers its viewers to make informed decisions. Numbers Protocol is a digital media library and indexing system that aims to provide a more transparent outlook on digital media. It starts with Numbers ID (nid). Every piece of digital media registered with Numbers Protocol is given a unique identifier that can be called upon to access digital media files on decentralized storage as well as digital media information archived on the blockchain.

Prior to the launch of Numbers Mainnet, Numbers Protocol leveraged third party blockchains to archive digital media content. Though effective in making digital media information accessible and verifiable the limitations from the user perspective were apparent. Numbers Mainnet unlocks Numbers Protocol and enables it to support the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset.

Becoming the Pillar of Trust the Digital Media Space Needs

Numbers Blockchain is a blockchain solution built with the Avalanche Subnet technology. As an Avalanche Subnet, Numbers Blockchain is an independent blockchain that defines its own networking, provides its own security, as well as its own execution logic and fee structure. If you are interested in learning more about Avalanche Subnets you can read more about it here.

Facilitating much of Numbers Protocol’s core functionality, especially the archiving of committed media history of Web3 assets, Numbers Blockchain changes digital assets from untraceable and unverifiable entities into standalone entities capable of “speaking” for themselves through accessible and transparent records. Numbers Blockchain achieves this by generating a unique identity of the digital media, which is also known as the content ID in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem. Key information such as on-creation metadata (location, timestamp, other data regarding creation circumstances), creator information, asset changelogs and licenses are stored onto the blockchain to assure the integrity of the digital media.

Digital media on the web today are scrutinized heavily due to out-of-context use, deep fake technology and digital asset theft. They sit idly on the sidelines while parties with varying interests internet debate in vain its validity and trustworthiness. Numbers Blockchain shakes up the landscape of digital media on the web. No longer needing to rely on external factors, Numbers registered digital media are able to represent their own records and values independent of external factors.

Supporting the entire lifecycle of modern digital asset

As an asset-centric blockchain, Numbers Blockchain strives to support the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset with additional smart contract support for asset monetization, NFT minting, royalty distribution and more. If you are interested in more details on Numbers Blockchain smart contract you can read more here.

Beyond Mainnet

While Numbers Mainnet is the culmination of years of hard work from the Numbers community and its supporters, it is also a beginning. Numbers Mainnet is the start of a journey that we hope will reshape digital media on the web. There is still quite a bit of work to be done. While our community is thriving and our partners are growing, it will take much more to see a full adoption of traceable and verifiable digital assets. If you are reading this and feel the authentic media vision that Numbers Protocol is creating is something you are interested in, we would love to have you help us out.

In the short term help us out with Numbers Mainnet by joining us in our inaugural Mainnet campaign, stay tunned to our social media to get more details!

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