Renee Sen, Sushmita Sen’s adopted daughter opens up on her ‘Real Mother’

Renee has just started her career in Bollywood just like her mother Sushmita Sen, who had won the pageant of Miss Universe in the year 1994 at the age of 18. The diva adopted two children Renee and Alisah to feel the joy of motherhood in an early age.

Both the girls receive a lot of public attention after getting featured in Sushmita Sen’s social media handles. Alisha who is younger to Renee is still into her studies and has no plan to enter Bollywood yet unlike her sister Renee, who has already set foot to the industry and made her debut in the short film Suttabaazi which had an OTT release.

Being the daughter of the beautiful Sushmita Sen, the first Indian to win the title of Miss Universe, people take interest to know about her life. Many of the netizens asks Reene about her biological mother, to which she replies “On Instagram, I’m asked this question that who is my mother. I just want to say, ‘Please define what’s a real mother?’ I understand that people are interested in our lives and want to know everything about us. its fine but I feel people need to be nicer.”

The young actress is quite active in her social media handles where she posts about her daily routine, her fitness routine and pictures with her mother and sister. Renee requested the netizens to be a little sensitive with what they says and not to hurt anyone’s feelings. With reference to this, Renee comments, “I think we should be a little sensitive. For me, it’s different because I have grown up with this truth and it doesn’t matter. But for someone who wants to keep their life private, we don’t know how your question can affect them. So, let’s not ask until a person tells you on their own,”