Ridhima Kapoor Sahani said, Ranbir Kapoor would sneak her stuff and gift it to his girlfriends

Actress Neetu Kapoor and her daughter Ridhima Kapoor Sahani would be appearing on the Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday as special guests. This is a really famous comedy show and is loved by everyone. This mother daughter duo will be appearing together in a talk Show for the first time has some interesting conversations with the host.

During one conversation the host of the show Kapil Sharma, asked Ranbir’s sister Ridhima if ever her brother has sneaked her stuff without her permission and given it to his girlfriends, or would he always ask for permission from her for everything.

This made the jewelry designer laugh and she said, “Yes, I was studying in London and had returned home during the holidays. I was just sitting around one day and saw one of his female friends come home. Then I noticed that the top she was wearing was very similar to the one I had. It was then that I realised that to save his pocket money, he used to give most of my belongings.”

To this actress Neetu Kapoor said, “I have never given money to my children. But give them only as much as they need and never spoil them. I used to give them just enough.”