Shershaah screenplay writer Sandeep Shrivastav addresses reviews claiming Kiara Advani barely had role in the film

While talking about the film Sandeep Shrivastav the screenplay writer of Shershaah, speaks of the work he has done behind the screens of his latest movie Shershaah to make it more realistic. Here, Sandeep speaks of his conversation with Dimple Cheema and tells everyone about the relationship between Dimple and Captain Vikram.

While talking of the film, Sandeep says that the film reviews say that Kiara had really less scenes in the film and her character was “reduced” to just playing the girlfriend of Captain Vikram Batra. But to this the writer had a different point of view, where he said it was just the perfect timing and role to capture the ‘essence’ of their relationship, considering how little time Dimple and Vikram had actually spent with each other.

In an interview with News18 Sandeep said, “When I was doing my research, and I interacted with Dimple, she said that Captain Batra and she knew each other for four years but the time they spent together was just about 40 days. I think that we have captured the essence of those 40 days, which means a lot to the wonderful lady whom I have a lot of respect. It is the essence of her feelings that is coming through the way Kiara has played the character, and that’s what’s really sticking to people.”

He then added, “So I do not think there was a need to add anything. It’s just the right amount. She is a very integral part of Captain Vikram Batra’s life, you cannot tell his story without his relationship with Dimple, and without what he did in the war. I think what we have done is struck the right balance. There are also so many views, which are just the contrary and they are saying that it is a perfect blend of his personal life and his life as a soldier.”

This depicts that the screenplay writer has done a lot of homework on the life of Captain Batra, for making this film the way it is.