High Court SLASHES Shilpa Shetty’s case against media, rules, “You chose a public life, Your life is under a microscope”

Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has faced a lot of trolling and disrespect because of the Pornographic film industry he was creating. This indeed has affected the name and fame of both, Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty in the case. Dragging Shamita Shetty too has made things bad for her.

On Thursday (29th July) Shilpa Shetty had moved to the high Court accusing media and social media platforms like Twitter for spreading defamatory and false news about the actress herself and her husband which is ruining the image of the actress. The actress has lost endorsements and shows because of the controversy. Appearing for Shilpa, advocate Biren Saraf objected to such reports, arguing that it was “something that happened between a husband and wife, and should not have been reported”.

Bombay High Court denied the plea by the actress Justice Gautam Patel said what Shilpa Shetty is seeking in her plea will “have a chilling effect on the freedom of press”. He added, “Reportage of something based on what police have said is not defamatory.” He also said  “You chose a public life. Your life is under a microscope. Firstly, articles saying she cried and fought with her husband when her statement was recorded, is not defamatory. It shows that she is a human.” To Shilpa when she said that an argument between husband and wife shouldn’t be displayed as a news.