Shraddha Kapoor to reprise Sridevi’s iconic role in Chaalbaaz?

Chaalbaaz, a 1989 hit casted Sridevi along with legend Rajnikant and then Superstar Sunny Deol. This movie was directed by Pankaj Parashar. This film, in 1989 earned a box-office price of 20 chores.

In 2021 comes ‘Chaalbaaz in London’ this Pankaj Parashar movie seems and sounds to be a remake Chaalbaaz which came out in 1989. The film which is to be shot in London is casting the Baaghi actress Shraddha Kapoor.

On being interviewed, the director made statements which showed how special this film is to him. Pankaj Parashar said, “When I made Chaalbaaz with Sridevi, I wanted the film to be ahead of its time. It’s the same thought with which we’re attempting Chaalbaaz In London. It’s a new film set in a new world that takes all the changes since then into account — with an attempt to use music and the original tracks from Chaalbaaz in a unique way.”
Pankaj Parashar says, “These elements will be a part of the world in which the film will be set. It’ll be challenging to create something in these times, which is at least five years ahead in terms of thought, execution and layering.” Well the makers are now challenging themselves on making a better film and on that context the director said, We’re not remaking the previous film, but we are attempting a new story in a completely different zone with a new set of characters. It will have a lot of action and a very intense emotional track. As a filmmaker, I love the fact that I have big shoes to fill. Even 30 years later, people have Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai on their playlists. I have some sort of a name to live up to, and I happily accept the challenge.”

After the Sushant Singh Rajput sudden suicide case, actor and comedian Shakti Kapoor said he had no plans of letting Shraddha into the films any time soon, because it could hamper her. Well these conversations stand aside as the news of Shraddha’s comeback excites the fans a lot. The director when asked about Shraddha said, “Shraddha has 64M followers on Insta, isn’t she hugely popular? But it is always the performance of an actor that he/she has given in a film or audition that gravitates the maker towards the actor. I loved Shraddha in that scene from Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Baaghi’ wherein she changes from one character- two diametrically opposite behaviours- to another in a flash of a second.”

So let’s wait for the film and see what the actress does on screen to bring out the best of the best.