Sonam Kapoor calls Bollywood pay gap “Ridiculous” says, ‘I can stand for it’

Sonam Kapoor who is better known for her fashion trends and is also said to be one of the most under rated actress has shifted to London for quite a long time now. She has recently completed her cover shoot for a very reputed magazine, meanwhile she expresses her emotion for her birthplace saying that she misses Mumbai and also she hopes to return soon.

Sonam Kapoor has been enjoying her vacation in London, chilling a spending time with the nature. While giving an interview to a vogue, she says, “The pay gap is ridiculous,” She further added, “It’s not changed at all. I can stand up to it, but then I don’t get those roles, and I’m ok with that. And frankly, I can afford to do that. I realized over the past two or three years that I have no right to judge anybody. I’m very privileged, so making difficult choices isn’t really f*cking difficult. I’d better be making those choices.” As sonam Kapoor is always under controversy for not knowing to behave properly and also commenting on every particular thing, hence this can again make her fall into criticism of the netizens.

The actress has been associated with her husband’s entrepreneur which aims in raising awareness about various communities and thus she added that she wants to do more about the social causes but wonders whether talking about the same on social media would be enough or even the appropriate platform.

She says , “Being a part of my husband’s work with Bhaane and VegNonVeg, working with the LGBTQI+ community, raising awareness for the hunger and malnutrition that exists in India, as well as for the disparity between the rich and poor—I don’t know, as an actor, if I’m meant to do that. Is social media the right place to talk about it? Or do I do it through my work, through a film, because it has more of an impact? Should I talk less and maybe do more? I think that’s the right way to go. Doing Ek Ladki Thi Diwani Si helped more than talking about pride month on my Instagram stories.”