Success story of Bill Gates: Early life and Microsoft

Bill Gates is an American programmer, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. His personalities are inspiring more in history, and Gated has had a life filled with successes. His net worth is approximately $90.6 billion.

The Early Life of Bill Gates

Bill was born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. He was born into a fairly wealthy family and his father was a successful attorney while his mother was a school teacher. Bill was a bright and well-performed student in his study life. He is strong in Mathematics.

Nearly 13 years, Bill developed for computer and programming as well as enrolled in a private preparatory Lakeside School. At the School, Bill met Paul Allen then they decided to work together to find bugs in a system. Apart from that, they worked with the other two students to write a payroll. So, his talent appeared in the school and many were influences.

Both Gates and Allen are continuing to developing software at the age of 15 years.

The Establishment of Microsoft Corporation

Bill and Paul were both established a software company in name of ‘Micro-soft’ in 1975. This company provides various software products to different firms. This function was performed by Mary Maxwell who is the mother of Bill Gates. The Company has faced some time financial crises due to the use of some pirated software.

IBM is one of the American multinational tech companies that offered Microsoft to develop a program for it. At the time, the company didn’t have any resources to create operating software (OS) and recommended another company Digital Research to IBM for building their OS.

In 1980, a contract was signed by Microsoft and IBM and a year later, Micro-soft became Microsoft Corporation. The first time, IBM has launched their first-ever personal computer with MS-DOS with others like MS-BASIC, MS-PASCAL, MS-COBOL, etc.

Bill Gates Now

Gates has not been involved in Microsoft Company for a few years. Now he has dedicated himself to Philanthropy and community projects. Bill has co-founded ‘The Giving Pledge’ that encourages wealthy people to contribute a majority of their wealth toward philanthropic causes. Bill has provided around 80% of his wealth to charity upon death. This work gives the lesson to learn from the life of Bill.