Sushanth who comes from a family of great Tamil actors says that he will never take this opportunity for granted though it is a privilege for him to born in this family

Being the grandson of veteran Tollywood actor Akkineni and nephew and actor Nagarjuna, the common perception is that Sushanth gets opportunities easily. However, the actor confessed, he is overwhelmed to belong from a family with superstars and it is grateful to follow their footsteps.

The young actors feels that it is a privilege to take birth in a family of great Tamil actors.

Sushanth while talking about his latest release Ichata Vahanamuki Niluparadu, Sushanth told IANS,”I am always grateful because my grandfather (Akkineni) told us about the struggles he had, not just as an actor but during his childhood, coming from humble beginnings. He told us about those life experiences. I have seen my uncles and my cousins. I have seen success around me but I have heard of struggles and that keeps me in check. I am grateful for this opportunity and never take it for granted,” He further adds, “I have had my ups and downs and with each film, I have learned. As an actor, with each film, your confidence increases with the reaction from the audience. I think it’s only your work that speaks. In the beginning, it definitely helps and I am grateful for that but I know that if I am not good enough, they will not watch me,”

The actor also shed light on his struggles and tough times he went through as a newcomer. He says, “As a newcomer I went to 4-5 producers for that film and I had to re-invent like any newcomer. In fact, I would say I was coming from a minus at that point. I wasn’t mature enough to do my best work and it took me time to settle down. I hope to make a mark of my own through my work and that is what I can do,”

Coming back to Sushanth’s new project which was directed S Darshan, also stars actress Meenakshi Chaudhary. Sushanth is content with the hard work the entire team has put in.