The Fame Game: Musskan Jafferi & Lakshvir Saran Reveal They Are “Immensely Star Struck Around Madhuri Dixit”

The Fame Game: Musskan Jafferi & Lakshvir Saran Reveal They Are “Immensely Star Struck Around Madhuri Dixit”

The cast of the Fame Game is gearing up for the complex and layered family drama release on Netflix. The series which  follows the life of a superstar Anamika Anand who disappears without a trace, holds an ensemble cast starting from the mega talented and queen of our hearts Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul in the lead.

Alongside, the series also has a bunch of supremely talented newcomers, Muskan Jaferi and  Lakshvir Saran who are sharing the screen with Madhuri Dixit for the first time. From revealing interesting tidbits from shoots to highlighting their starstruck moments, these two had quite an experience while working on The Fame Game.

In a candid conversation, the duo spilled the beans on their journey and outlined what it was like working with Madhuri Dixit for the first time.

While sharing how Madhuri Dixit guided her along the scenes, Muskkaan Jaferi who previously starred in Netflix’s rom-com Mismatched, said “Since day one, she has been very caring. It completely baffled me because a woman of her stature was so humble and so down to earth. I remember, I had to hug her in a scene and My face was completely hidden, she then told me That I need to hug her in a manner that My face favours the camera or else I will be completely hidden! She was right. . She’s extremely humble and nurturing and actually cares about her co actors. Sometimes after the take, she’d make it a point to give me feedback and push me to do better. In one scene, when I was struggling, She really helped me get out of my head and deliver. When she liked my performance in a scene she would always appreciate me, it meant the world to me! As young people starting out, its a blessing to have someone like madhuri maam, notice what we do and appreciate us. I found a mentor in her and  it was really nice. Also we both love to sing. So we would sing a lot on set sometimes. It was just fantastic.”

Talking about the how Lakshvir Saran started viewing Madhuri Dixit who plays her on-screen mother in the show, as family even in real life, he said

“With Madhuri ma’am it was surreal in the beginning, because its difficult to forget the fact that you’re  working with Madhuri Dixit. What I tried to do was start taking her as a mother in the scenes and in between shots as well. But credit goes to her as well cause she never gave the sense that she’s Madhuri Dixit a superstar , but instead was a  co-actor who was equally invested in the scene and made me feel so comfortable . Having her around gave me a great sense of security. There is one scene where I’m breaking down and I went on to hug her and she realizes that it’s a small set up and I was probably moving out of the frame. She instantly held my shoulders and brought me back in frame. That’s Madhuri Dixit for me. She’s amazing. So, that’s the relationship I’ve had with her and now she feels like family”