TV Actor Nishant Sharma On Working With Raza Murad & Kiran Kumar in MXPlayer’s Balli Vs Birju: “I Got To Learn A Lot From Them”

TV Actor Nishant Sharma On Working With Raza Murad & Kiran Kumar: “I Got To Learn A Lot From Them”

Mumbai sees an influx of a number of aspirants who want to make it big in Tinseltown. People have big dreams in their eyes as they take their first step on the city streets and Nishant Sharma was no different. This middle-class lad from Uttar Pradesh’s Agra came to the city of dreams to pursue his passion for acting.

Survival in a city like Mumbai isn’t easy as has been heard innumerable times from the ones who have been there done that. However, if one is patient and can hold on to their horses’ good things eventually begin to happen to them. In Nishant’s case, he got a chance to work on 13 TV shows! Yes, you read that right. From Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin to Udaan, Jana Na Dil Se durr, Kaleerein so on and so forth. Post which he graduated to doing films. Well, Sharma featured in Gurjar Aandolan (A fight for Right) & Risknaama directed by Mr. Aarun Nagar.

The actor who is currently being seen in MXPLayer’s Balli Vs Birju has also some more projects lined up one of which is tentatively titled Enigma.

Sharma spoke to us at length about the subject of the web series and his experience working with stalwart actors like Raza Murad and Kiran Kumar. He feels he is very lucky to have worked with the legends he grew up watching, “I was blessed to work with the legends who I always looked up to and was in awe of. It was like a dream come true, actors like Raza Murad, Kiran Kumar, Raju Kher were always an inspiration to me. I got to learn a lot from them”, quipped he.

Sharma also shed light on the subject of the film, “The movie is based on one of the most sensitive issues prevailing in the society today, the dowry system. Movies are mirrors of our society, whatever happens in life and Society is shown in films, we have also tried to depict how the “Dowry” system kills our society, almost like a virus. People have liked the movie and that is my award.”

He went on to state, “Going forward I would like to keep working hard towards doing my work with the same dedication and sincerity.”

Well, we at India Chron wish Nishant all the very best for his future endeavours.