TV Actress Shikha Singh says, “I don’t care” about netizens trolling her breastfeeding photo

Shikha Singh who is formerly known for playing her role in Kum Kum Bhagya recently had to undergo several trolls for posting a picture on her social media handle few days ago.

The actor shared her views and how she reacts on trolls against her in an interaction with the media. Social Media has been an integral part of everyone’s life, but it feels sad to see how people are making wrong use of it.

Shikha Singh had recently gave birth to her first child and the actor seem to enjoy her motherhood where she often posts picture with her little one in her insta handle.

Earlier Shikha Singh had posted a picture in her instagram handle where she was breastfeeding her daughter. Shikha’s picture was liked by Sriti Jha, Ashita Dhawan, and Ashlesha Sawant and also by many of her friends.

While in an interaction session with Etimes TV, TV Actress Shikha Singh says, “I had once posted a picture feeding my baby and at that time too, I was questioned by people. Firstly, I don’t care about the comments and views of people and secondly, I want to normalize breast feeding. The latest picture which I posted is also where I am feeding my baby. The picture is taken from an angle from which my child is not visible. I don’t understand why people have a problem. They are okay with bikini pictures, but if I post a picture like this, there is so much drama that happens. People even labeled that picture as a nude photo which it isn’t!”

The actor also said “There was one comment where someone said how my husband could allow me to post such stuff. It’s my husband who clicked that picture.”

Social Media is getting over nerves for few Bollywood celebrities. People should understand that every particular thing has boons as well as banes and it depends on how it is used by the person, whether to improve or to degrade. Trolling can be a source of entertainment.