US Envoy Sung Kim ready to meet North Korea “anytime, anywhere”

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had earlier said that Pyongyang must prepare for both “dialogue and confrontation”.

The United States Envoy for North Korea, Sung Kim on Monday invited Pyongyang for a meet. He said that the meeting can be conducted ‘anytime, anywhere and without any preconditions’.

“We continue to hope that the DPRK will respond positively to our outreach, and our offer to meet anywhere anytime without preconditions,” the US Envoy said during his five-day visit to South Korea. Well, the invitation to meet by US Envoy came after the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had said that Pyongyang must prepare for both “dialogue and confrontation”.

The nuclear-armed nation North Korea is currently facing a lot of issues including food crisis and inflation. The North Korean state-run KCTV reported on Sunday that the leader Kim Jong Un held a meeting with some top officials to discuss the emergency measures being taken to overcome the food crisis. Recently, several media reports have claimed that a single packet of coffee in North Korea costs around $100.

North Korea has consistently claimed that it had no cases of the Coronavirus. However, the experts doubt this claim as the country has faced a massive economic crisis that has further led to inflation.

The US Envoy Kim also requested the UN security council members to restrict North Korean imports of oil and its exports of coal, textiles and fish. “We also urge UN member states, especially UN Security Council members, to do the same to address the threat posed to the international community by the DPRK,” said Kim, as quoted by AFP.