We bet you cried watching these 7 great Disney movies of all time

Didn’t we all have a phase when we wanted our prince charming or the prettiest princess in the world to be ours? Disney movies pretty much made our childhood and whenever we watch it takes us back to our childhood. But these modern Disney movies hit different, new characters and new perspectives all together is what makes us realize how badly we want to be like these Disney characters. We broke down 7 of the greatest Disney movies for you to watch when you feel happy/sad/in love.

A Reminder That 'Maleficent' is a Live-Action Retelling Done Right
Maleficent is probably the most iconic yet cruel character in the history of Disney, but don’t you agree there’s not a single actress that can play maleficent well than Angelina Jolie? I mean look at those cheekbones, also this live-action portrayal of maleficent is the most loved amongst other live actions Disney movies.

Beauty and the beast
News & Views - Revitalising Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' for a new  generation - News - Into Film
Another live-action Disney movie that was loved by fans, Emma Watson is playing Belle in the most beautiful way, Emma Watson’s Belle gives a born-princess vibe. Beast is the winner in the movie and he surely takes all the cake in the movie.

Pixar Puts Out New 'Coco' Clip, Featurette | Animation World Network
A definition of perfection, coco is a perfect movie if you want inspiration to get into music, a teenage boy with a passion for music will make us all cry at the end of the movie but wait there are happy moments too so we know you’ll be alright.

Inside out
Two philosophers explain what Inside Out gets wrong about the mind - Vox
A movie that shows all kinds of emotions including fear, anger, joy, disgust and sadness. Eleven-year-old Riley moves to San Francisco, leaving behind her life in Minnesota struggles to cope up with her five emotions.

The lion king
Disney's New 'Lion King' Is the VR-Fueled Future of Cinema | WIRED
What a great cultural reset this movie is! People still say it’s the most iconic yet very emotional movie of all time and Simba will probably be the most iconic character in the history of Disney. Also, this film was nominated for best soundtrack in a movie at the Oscars.

Disney's 'Aladdin': Diving Into a Tale of American Orientalism
Live-action Aladdin movie did well than what directors of the film expected it to be and Naomi Scott just killed it in that jasmine attire and jasmine is one of the best looking princesses among other princesses.

Frozen 2 Ending Explained - Den of Geek Did you guys think we forgot about Frozen? Elsa and Anna being the most relatable Disney characters of all time to the best soundtracks, frozen surely tops the list.

Bonus: Live-action Cinderella movie (haven’t released)
We all love a good casted live-action Disney movie and Cinderella is all about that, Camila Cabello will be seen playing Cinderella and Nicholas Galitzine will be playing Prince Robert and hello? A male fairy godmother? Yes, we’re in, Billy porter absolutely slays in that fairy godmother look. Here are some looks from the movie we know so far.
The Camila Cabello Cinderella Movie Released Its First Trailer, and It's  Magic | Glamour

See Billy Porter as the Fab G in Cinderella | EW.com