Bigg Boss OTT: Moose Jattana’s controversial video trends again, latter heard saying, “I have been with 85-90 guys”

Bigg Boss’s first-ever OTT season is constantly making buzz for a lot of reasons. One of which is having the internet’s youngest controversial girl, Moose Jattana. Before the show started, people knew her for all the wrong reasons. Be it her twisted views on social issues or her dark personal life. This includes her viral Instagram live video where she went nude and took the internet by storm. 

A clip from the same video has started making rounds on the internet again. Moose, who is just 20, is seen talking about how she has been with 85 to 90 guys in her entire life. Watch out for yourself :

In the Bigg Boss house too, Moose is generally called off for being a bad-mouthed person and the only one who’s the youngest and hurls the cheapest abuses. In one of the first few episodes, she was seen saying Akshara, “Gabbe (Milind Gaba), meri g**nd mein hai”. 

According to this season’s format, #StayConnected, she was paired with choreographer, Nishant Bhat. Their recent closeness has been catching eyeballs and also Moose’s feelings for Pratik have too been in trend.

Let’s see what this controversial girl brings more to our plate. For all other small and big bytes of Bigg Boss OTT, keep a close tab on The India Chron.